35-Inch Jeep Tires

35-Inch Jeep Tires: The Ultimate Off-Road Experience

The love affair between Jeep owners and off-road adventures is well-documented. Jeeps are synonymous with resilience, versatility, and the power to take on challenging terrains. However, the real magic lies in the tires, a crucial part of the vehicle that directly interacts with the ground. Among many tire sizes, 35-inch Jeep tires stand out for offering enhanced ground clearance, exceptional traction, and a smoother ride on rough terrains, depending on your needs.

Understanding The Power of 35-Inch Jeep Tires

Understanding The Power of 35-Inch Jeep Tires

Tires have a substantial impact on your vehicle’s overall performance. They not only influence driving comfort but also play a decisive role in how effectively your vehicle can handle off-road conditions. The choice of 35-inch Jeep tires comes with a host of benefits.

Improved Ground Clearance 

The height of 35-inch Jeep tires provides an increase in ground clearance, bringing your vehicle closer to maneuver over larger obstacles, such as rocks, tree roots, or uneven terrain, with ease. This is invaluable when tackling off-road trails where such hurdles are common.

Superior Traction

Another advantage of 35-inch Jeep tires is their improved traction. The larger footprint offered by these tires increases the surface area in contact with the ground, thereby enhancing grip and stability. This is particularly beneficial when driving over slippery, muddy, or loose terrains.

Enhanced Off-Road Comfort and Flex

Despite the aggressive terrains they conquer, 35-inch Jeep tires don’t compromise on comfort. Their larger size allows for more flex, meaning they can conform to uneven terrain and obstacles better than smaller tires. This flex, combined with their ability to absorb the shocks and vibrations of rough terrains, leads to a smoother and more comfortable ride.

Selecting the Right 35 Inch Jeep Tires

Selecting the Right 35 Inch Jeep Tires

When looking for the right 35-inch Jeep tires, it’s essential to understand that not all tires are built the same. Consider factors such as tire construction, tread pattern, and the type of terrain you plan on tackling.

Tire Construction

Choose a radial tire if you’re seeking a balance between off-road performance and on-road comfort. They offer great flexibility and heat dissipation, providing a comfortable ride on highways as well. However, if you’re focused primarily on off-roading, bias-ply tires might be the better choice due to their durability, air pressure, and resistance to punctures.

Tread Pattern

The tread pattern of your 35-inch Jeep tires should align with your driving conditions in the country. For muddy and loose terrains, tires with large, chunky treads are best. If you’re frequently driving over rocks, opt for tires with interlocking treads for better grip.

Type of Terrain

For dessert and sandy conditions, wider 35-inch Jeep tires will provide better floatation. Conversely, narrower tires are more effective for snowy or muddy conditions to drive, as they can cut through the surface and provide better traction.

Considerations Before Upgrading to 35-Inch Jeep Tires

Considerations Before Upgrading to 35-Inch Jeep Tires

 Before you leap into the world of 35-inch Jeep tires, there are a few key considerations.

Jeep Modifications

Larger tires might require additional modifications to your Jeep. These may include lifting the Jeep to provide enough clearance for the larger tires and potentially upgrading your axles, braking system, and suspension to handle the big challenges such as additional weight and stress.

Fuel Efficiency

35-inch Jeep tires can also affect your vehicle’s fuel efficiency due to their larger size and increased rolling resistance. Be prepared for a potential decrease in miles per gallon.


Upgrading to 35-inch Jeep tires will certainly come with increased costs. Apart from the initial investment in the tires themselves, there are potential additional costs associated with modifications to your Jeep.

Upgrades might include lift kits, axle enhancements, suspension adjustments, and changes to the braking system. Always budget for these potential extras when considering larger tires.


While the 35-inch tires can significantly improve your Jeep’s off-road capabilities, they might affect its on-road performance. Larger tires can decrease the acceleration of your rubicon jeep and braking efficiency due to their increased weight. 

Vehicle Warranty

If your Jeep is still under warranty, you need to consider that certain modifications could void this agreement. Basically, it is essential to check the terms of your warranty before proceeding with any significant changes, like installing 35-inch tires.

Tire Maintenance

Larger tires, such as the 35-inch ones, can require more maintenance. It’s necessary to frequently check and adjust tire pressure to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the tires. Moreover, the increased weight and size can lead to faster wear of other components, such as brake pads and suspension parts.

Suitability of 35 Inch Jeep Tires for Different Jeep Models

Suitability of 35 Inch Jeep Tires for Different Jeep Models

Before investing in 35-inch Jeep tires, it’s crucial to understand whether they’ll fit your particular model without significant modifications. Here’s a brief rundown of some popular Jeep models.

Jeep Wrangler JK and JL

These Jeep models are well-equipped to handle 35-inch tires, but they require a lift kit for appropriate clearance. A 2.5-inch lift is usually sufficient for the JK, while the JL might need a slightly higher lift. 

Jeep Wrangler TJ

The Wrangler TJ can accommodate 35-inch tires, but it needs substantial modifications. Along with a lift kit (usually around 4 inches), it may require upgraded axles and additional changes to ensure the tires fit properly without rubbing.

Jeep Gladiator

Jeep’s pickup truck, the Gladiator, can comfortably accommodate 35-inch tires with the help of a moderate lift kit. The larger wheel wells of this model help facilitate the fitting of larger tires.

Jeep Cherokee XJ

Fitting 35-inch tires on a Cherokee XJ is quite an undertaking. Significant modifications, such as a considerable lift (often 6 inches or more), fender trimming, and likely axle upgrades, will be necessary to fit these tires properly.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Grand Cherokee, known for its blend of comfort and off-road capability, is not typically suited for 35-inch tires without considerable modifications. These may include a substantial lift kit and potential adjustments to the wheel wells or fenders to prevent rubbing. It’s also important to consider that these larger tires may impact the vehicle’s on-road comfort and fuel efficiency.

Jeep Renegade

The compact size of the Jeep Renegade means it’s not ideally suited for 35-inch tires. Fitting such large tires would require substantial modifications, including a significant lift, potential axle upgrades, and extensive changes to the fender and wheel wells. As such, it is generally not recommended to fit 35-inch tires on the Jeep Renegade.


In conclusion, while 35-inch Jeep tires can significantly make you happy and boost your off-road experience, their compatibility varies across different Jeep models. Ensuring they fit your specific model involves understanding the necessary modifications and being willing to undertake them. With the right setup, these tires can truly unlock your Jeep’s potential and deliver unrivaled off-road performance.

Whether you’re scaling a rocky hill or navigating through muddy terrains, 35-inch Jeep tires are designed to keep you moving forward, turning the world into your playground.

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