Best lift kit for Jeep Wrangler

Best Lift Kit for Jeep Wrangler

If you’re a Jeep Wrangler owner, you’ve surely thought about getting a lift kit. And why not? They’re like the most heavenly upgrade for your metal beast—giving it that much needed ride height for scaling off-road terrains like a champ. It doesn’t just stop there, it also gives your Jeep a sterner, ‘don’t-mess-with-me’ appearance. Follow us as we dive into the best lift kit for Jeep Wrangler

4 Best Jeep Lift Kits

1. Teraflex 2.5 Suspension Lift Kit

Score 8.8 OUT OF 10
Teraflex 2.5 Suspension Lift Kit

From the moment you see this kit, you’ll hardly believe what you’re looking at. We’re talkin’ about a kit that’s not only gonna give your Jeep a hefty lift, but it will also improve your ride’s performance to such an extent.

You could say it’s like giving your Jeep wings. By boosting the ride height by about two to three inches, it’s a sound choice to transform your Jeep into a lean, mean, off-roading machine.

  • Lift your Jeep by two to three inches
  • Optimizes the performance of your vehicle
  • Comes with various components
  • Well-crafted and designed to do the heavy lifting 
  •  A bit pricey
  • If you’re not a seasoned gearhead, you might need some help fitting these high-quality suspension components

2. Rough Country 2 Suspension Lift Kit

Score 8.4 OUT OF 10
Rough Country 2 Suspension Lift Kit

You’re probably thinking – “Hey, isn’t it the Rough Country 3?” Well, you’re right, but today, we’re focusing on its sibling – the Rough Country 2. This kit is all about value without cutting corners on performance.

The affordability factor is a major plus for folks who are ballin’ on a budget. And, let’s face it – who isn’t trying to save a buck or two these days? Rough Country is known for its high-quality lift kits that don’t drop the heavy dollars, making it easy on your wallet while still elevating your Jeep’s game.

  • It’s a real steal compared to other kits on the market
  • Excellent performance.
  • Impressive reputation
  • Reliable
  • Installation might be a bit tricky for some
  • Not very comfy

3. Skyjacker 3 Sport Series Suspension Lift Kit

Score 8.6 OUT OF 10
Skyjacker 3 Sport Series Suspension Lift Kit

Now, let’s shift gears and talk about the Skyjacker 3 Sport Series Suspension Lift Kit. This one here is a real gem for y’all with older Jeep models. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Older models, really?” But hear us out. This ain’t just about nostalgia. These Skyjacker folks have put together something really special that’ll give your vintage jeeps a real boost.

  • Perfect for those older Jeep models
  • It’s got a three-inch lift, enough to make sure no bumpy trail will get in your way.
  • Got suspension articulation
  • Sturdier than a brick house
  • Installation might be a bit tough
  • Also, performance on paved roads? Not as smooth as you’d like.
  • A little more expensive than some other kits out there

4. Superlift 2 Lift Kit with Front & Rear Coil Spacers

Score 10.0 OUT OF 10
Superlift 2 Lift Kit with Front & Rear Coil Spacers

Alright folks, let’s park it here and take a good look at the Superlift 2 Lift Kit with Front & Rear Coil Spacers. Now, this is something for those of you who want a lift but also a change in stance. It’s not just about making your jeep taller, but also giving it a whole different look. And lemme tell you, the installation process? It’s a breeze!

  • Superlift 2 holds a special reputation for offering a comfortable ride.
  • Kick-ass off-road performance
  • Comes with Dual Rate Coil Springs
  • Adjust to every terrain
  • Durable
  • Ain’t the cheapest one on the market
  • The installation process could prove a bit tricky for first-timers

Factors to Consider Before Buying Lift Kit for Jeep Wrangler

Now, hold your horses before you go and grab the first lift kit you see. There are a couple of things you’re gonna wanna keep in mind.


Think about the height of the lift. Lift kits typically vary from an inch to about five inches. To put it simply, the higher you go, the more rough and tough your Jeep can get.

However, higher lifts can need more components to balance and support your Jeep’s frame. So, if you want a smoother ride on city roads, you might wanna opt for a smaller lift, say up to 2 inches. But if you’re planning to tackle more challenging terrains, then a larger lift of 3 inches or more could be just what you need. Also, keep in mind the model of your Jeep, because different kits are suited for different models.

Type of Lift Kit

You should also consider the type of lift kit. Coil spacer kits, for instance, are a popular choice because they’re relatively cheap and easy to install. But if you’re looking for something more heavy-duty, you might want to check out options like the Superlift 2 or Proryde’s Rear Coil Spring Block Kit.

Concluding Thoughts on the Best Lift Kit for Your Jeep Wrangler

There’s no questioning that the world of best Jeep lift kits is like a treasure chest, loaded with options for both two-door and four-door models. Picture a grand Cherokee – stock suspension and all – suddenly towering above the rest with just the right lift kit. That’s the magic we’re talking about here! It’s not just about the visual elevation; a lift kit can make a crucial difference when it comes to tire clearance and off-road capabilities on older Jeeps. As they say, it’s not always about age, but mileage.

Buddy, I tell ya, It’s not uncommon to find Jeep owners swearing by the lift kit with Fox shocks. The handling enhancement it brings for daily driving is nothing short of a game-changer, especially if you’re gunning for that extra dominance on the highway. Then you have those who rather go for body lifts to increase the height without affecting the center of gravity. The cool thing is, the options are plentiful.

So, whether you’re lifting your Jeep for recovery gear fitting, or just to change the stance, the best lift kit is one that aligns with your ride’s requirements and your expectations. Don’t rush it. Take your time, explore the market and choose wisely. Also, don’t forget that a Jeep Wrangler is a life commitment, not a one-night stand!

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