How to Program Jeep Grand Cherokee Key Fob

How to Program Jeep Grand Cherokee Key Fob – 5 Easy diy steps

Key fobs are extremely convenient small devices, but they can become quite annoying as soon as they start malfunctioning. To fix the device, you would have to learn how to program Jeep Grand Cherokee key fob.

To program the device, you can either use special equipment and DIY kits or simply program it manually by inserting the key into the ignition and turning it a few times.

Below you will find detailed instructions for reprogramming your malfunctioning key fob and programming a brand-new device that you have just bought.

How to Program Jeep Grand Cherokee Key Fob

Key fobs are small remote control devices that contain an antenna and an RFID chip. Your car’s locking mechanism also has such a chip and the two can establish a communication link with one another through radio frequencies.

The key fob can be programmed to transmit a special ‘code’. If the code matches the information that the vehicle’s reader device can accept, then the Jeep will open the lock.

By following the simple steps mentioned below, you will help the key fob find out the code that needs to be sent to the vehicle so that it opens.

Step 1

The first thing that you would have to do is make sure that the key fob has a new set of batteries installed. Otherwise, a dead or low battery might interfere with the programming process.

Typically, all you would have to do to change the battery is pry the two parts of the device apart (you can use a screwdriver or even a fingernail) and insert a new coin battery. Just remember to pay attention to which direction the battery should be oriented.

Step 2

Get inside your Jeep Grand Cherokee and close all the doors. If you leave one of the doors slightly open, you won’t be able to program the key fob.

Step 3

Insert your key into the ignition and turn it to the ‘on’ position (that’s one click before starting the ignition). Do not start the car.

Step 4

While the key is still in the ‘on’ position, press the lock button on the key fob. Now you can turn the key to the ‘off’ position.

Repeat this step about 3 times.

Step 5

After turning the key to the ‘on’ position, pressing the lock button, and turning the key back to the ‘off’ position 3 times, you should hear the locking sound.

This means that your key fob has been programmed and you can start using it again.

Other Ways to Program Jeep Grand Cherokee Key Fob

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Using a Simple Key Programmer

You can find quite a few ready-to-use key fob programming kits on the Internet. When ordering one, make sure that it’s compatible with your vehicle.

Once you receive the kit, typically, all you would have to do is plug one of the tools into your Jeep, then use the original key to start the car with the lights on, and while the car is running, plug the tool in again. The device should beep once the programming has been completed.

When using such a programmer, just make sure to follow all the directions provided by the manufacturer to a T. The kits will generally cost you a little over $100, so you might end up saving a couple of hundred dollars that you’d otherwise pay for a new key.

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Using an AutoProPad

This is a special tool that is used by professionals to program the key fobs. As it costs over $500 (more than $1,000, in some cases), you might not need to invest in such a device, unless you have quite a few cars and each one of them needs a couple of spare key fobs.

An AutoProPad is able to connect directly to the car’s computer system and then program the key fob. If you did choose to invest in such a device, the whole programming process would be quite straightforward. Simply plug in the AutoProPad, insert the new key into the car, and then follow the instructions on the monitor.

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When Do You Need to Program the Key Fob?

If your key fob ever stops functioning correctly, you can try reprogramming it. In a lot of cases, this will fix the issue.

It is usually recommended to program the key fob after you have inserted new batteries. The device might lose its configurations as soon as a fresh set of batteries is installed, so reprogramming the key fob is the only way to get it working properly again.

The methods mentioned above can also help you program the spare key fob that you might have recently bought.

Why Is the Jeep Grand Cherokee Key Fob Not Detected?

If your vehicle is not able to detect the key fob even after you have reprogrammed it, then one of the following issues might be to blame:

  • The key fob battery is dead

Generally, you would have to replace the coin battery every 3-4 years.

  • The key fob is damaged

If you have dropped or accidentally drowned your device, it might stop working altogether, and you would have to buy a replacement one.

  • Something is disrupting the key fob’s signal

This can happen if nearby devices, like anti-theft alarms, for example, are transmitting the same frequency as the key fob. Be careful if this happens in a crowded area, as thieves can use signal jammers in an attempt to make you leave your Jeep unlocked.

  • The car’s battery is about to die

A weak or worn-out Jeep battery might fail to respond to the key fob’s signal.


Now that you have found out how to program the Jeep Grand Cherokee key fob, you can either fix a malfunctioning device or program a spare key fob without having to spend hundreds of dollars.

If the manual programming method does not work, then buying a simple key fob programmer might be a better decision than getting a professional-grade AutoProPad as the latter would cost you a small fortune.


Can I Program a new key fob for my Jeep Grand Cherokee Without Going to The Dealership? 

Yes, you can program a new key fob for your Jeep Grand Cherokee without the dealership assistance. Many Jeep Grand Cherokee models have a self-programming guideline you can use at home. The specific procedure might vary depending on your car’s model year and trim level and therefore always consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual for instructions. You can also contact a reputable automotive locksmith for guidance. 

How much does it cost to program a key fob for a Jeep Grand Cherokee at the dealership?

It depends on several factors including location, dealership, and your car’s specific model year and trim level. However, as of 2023, it typically costs $50 – $100 to program a key fob at a Jeep dealership. Note that, this is not inclusive of the key fob price, labor and diagnostic fees charged by the dealership.   

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