How to Turn On Eco Mode In Jeep Grand Cherokee

How to Turn On Eco Mode In Jeep Grand Cherokee

Sustainability is the future. Considering the rapid climate change that is encompassing most of the world, it’s time we do our bit and be conscious about our environment. One way to do that is to be mindful of the vehicle you’re using and regulate carbon emissions.

The Grand Jeep Cherokee is not just a classy SUV, it is an environmentally conscious vehicle, which can be implemented through the ECO mode. The eco mode tremendously helps its fuel economy, while simultaneously catering to the environment!

What actually is the ECO mode? How do we turn it on? We’re sure you have a lot of questions, but fret not! The article covers everything you need to know, from the ECO mode’s effect on performance to the process of turning it on, to seeing if it’s the right fit for you! Keep reading below to find out!

What is the Eco Mode in Jeep Grand Cherokee?

In the era of rising inflation, it is vital to get more efficiency in your vehicle in trade for lower fuel consumption. The ECO mode improves fuel efficiency and cuts costs so you don’t have to spend as much to drive around, by shifting into higher gears sooner.

Many SUVs come with the ability to change to different driving modes based on the driver’s preference. These cater to transmission, engine control, and other components which may be adjustable to the driver’s temperament. In the ECO mode, the driving conditions are changed to improve the overall fuel economy.

Here are the typical changes that will occur:

  • There will be a quicker transmission upshift and it will downshift later
  • The driving performance will be limited, you might not be able to accelerate as much
  • If your Grand Jeep Cherokee model comes with the Quadra-Lift air suspension, it will operate at a broader speed range in the Aero mode.

If your environmental conditions have extreme temperatures, or if you’re driving uphill, the ECO mode’s modified performance may be modified.

Does the ECO mode Save Fuel in Your Jeep?

In theory, driving in ECO mode technically saves fuel! Enabling it means that you will be driving more miles with your current fuel gallons, and will not need to refuel your Grand Jeep Cherokee as often. This preserves fuel economy and in general, gets you through without spending a lot of money.

Is the ECO Mode for You?

However, your fuel economy is not just contingent on the ECO mode. Your driving habits are vastly important as well. For example, if you are a driver who offroads often, then the ECO mode will not be able to do much for you. To fully benefit from the ECO mode, you have to decide what you want out of the modified driving conditions and adjust accordingly.

Will the ECO Mode Recharge Your Batteries?

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The ECO mode on the Jeep Grand Cherokee does not charge it. If you have a 4XE hybrid Cherokee, the regenerative brake system will charge the car by sending energy back to it when brakes are applied.

How to Turn the ECO Mode On on Your Jeep Grand Cherokee:

The process of turning on the ECO mode in your Grand Jeep Cherokee is fairly simple. Follow the steps below!

  1. Locate the central stack on your instrument panel. The instrument panel is located on the right side of the radio.
  2. Search for the button labeled ECO.
  3. Press the button.
  4. If the button lights up, the ECO mode will have turned on.

To turn it off, simply press the button again. However, ECO mode can only be enabled in the Auto mode. If you switch driving modes, it will turn off. Straightforward, isn’t it? Keep in mind that the car might limit functions on the ECO mode should the environmental conditions seem threatening. This includes extreme temperatures and off-roading.

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Is the ECO Mode Worth It?

The ECO mode will only give you what you wish to seek out of it. If you value top performance in your Jeep Grand Cherokee, this mode is probably not for you. There is a trade-off: for the fuel economy, much of your car’s functionality is limited. However, you cut costs and save fuel in return for curbing speed and performance.

The Grand Cherokee is an SUV that is often purchased for off-roading and cruising around town. Considering its sturdy build, drivers prefer it for the very purpose that ECO mode inhibits. If this is something that you do not want, it’s better to keep the ECO mode off. Otherwise, you will feel highly stifled on the highway and your driving experience will be unsatisfactory.

However, if you are conscious about your carbon footprint, and would rather traverse more miles per gallon, then the ECO mode is definitely for you. It can even cut down annoying habits like unnecessary acceleration, and may alleviate some burdens from your wallet.

Overall, we cannot determine if the mode is worth it or not without understanding the driver’s intention and what he seeks to gain out of his driving experience.

Pros and Cons of the ECO Mode:

Achieving increased miles per gallonMore likely to damage the engine
Cutting back costs and improving fuel economyCurbs performance and prevents acceleration
Helps the environment by curbing fuel usageMay be a turn-off for drivers wanting to utilize the Grand Cherokee for off-roading

If you’re thinking of turning the ECO mode on, consider the pros and cons above! If it is not for you, you can check out other modes. The Sport mode and Manual mode are other popular driving modes that drivers frequently employ.


Experimenting with new driving modes is always a daunting task. We’ve aimed to make it a little less scary by telling you all about the ECO mode! Turning it on is fairly simple, just press the ECO button on the instrument panel, and et voila. We’ve also listed what it does and if it’s worth it for you, so you can experiment with this mode to broaden your horizons!


Will Using Eco Mode Affect The Performance of My Jeep Grand Cherokee? 

Activating Eco Mode in your Jeep Grand Cherokee may slightly impact your vehicle’s driving behaviour and performance characteristics. As mentioned, eco mode helps to optimize fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. Still, it affects acceleration, throttle response and other performance characteristics. Summing up, your car’s model year, trim level and driving habits will also influence Eco Mode performance. 

How Do I Know if Eco Mode Is On In My Jeep Grand Cherokee? 

A button may light up or display a message on the instrument cluster to indicate that Eco Mode is active. Also, your car’s driving behaviour might change slightly to prioritize fuel economy over performance. For instance, the engine will run at lower RPMs, or the transmission may shift more to optimize fuel efficiency. 

Can I turn off Eco Mode in my Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Yes. You can usually turn off Eco Mode in a Jeep Grand Cherokee by pressing the Eco Mode button again. The button may light up or display a message on the instrument cluster to indicate that Eco Mode is off. Turning off Eco Mode may result in slightly different driving behaviour and performance characteristics than when Eco Mode is active.

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