Sleeping in a Jeep Cherokee

TIPS & TRICKS FOR Sleeping in a Jeep Cherokee

The need to camp in one’s car is relatable. Maybe you’re avoiding the extra expense and trouble of a tent on a vacation, or maybe you simply need a cheap place to crash for a little while. A Jeep Cherokee is a great vehicle for people with camping plans, but the question is, what are the pros and cons to sleeping in a Jeep Cherokee?

It is possible to sleep in a Jeep Cherokee as long as items for comfort and safety in harsh weather conditions are available. The space in a Jeep Cherokee allows for a passenger no taller than 6 feet to sleep comfortably; more than one passenger will find themselves with limited space and a difficult night’s sleep ahead. 

In this article, we will cover the pros and cons of sleeping in a Jeep Cherokee, as well as the best way to prepare for sleeping in one’s car. We’ll even answer some frequently asked questions on the topic! By the conclusion, you should have all the information you could possibly need to make a decision about turning your Jeep Cherokee into a bedroom for a while. Let’s begin!

Pros and Cons to Sleeping in a Jeep Cherokee

The bottom line is: sleeping in your Jeep Cherokee is doable. In fact, it is not only doable, but it can even be comfortable. That being said, though a Jeep Cherokee has many perks and can be converted into a place to spend the night, it’s still an unavoidable fact that a Jeep Cherokee was not necessarily designed to be a bedroom. 

So what is the best decision to make when you feel the need to sleep in your Jeep Cherokee? We’ll go over the pros and cons to this situation in the categories below so that you can make an informed decision and aim for a great night’s sleep. 

Pros to Sleeping in a Jeep Cherokee

  1. The Average Person Will Have Enough Room – The Jeep Cherokee does have enough space for a person of average height (According to Our World in Data, 5”2 to 5”6) to stretch out and sleep comfortably. 
  2. The Front Seats Are Comfortable – If you don’t want to remove a Jeep Cherokee’s seat, or save the back for storage, the front seats are generally considered comfortable for long periods of time and padded well. 
  3. More Room is Available – If you are on the taller side, the Jeep Cherokee’s passenger seat can be removed to make even more room available to you. 
  4. Storage Space Available – Even if you plan on sleeping in your Jeep Cherokee, you won’t have to worry too much about running out of room for packing. It is possible to divide half of the backseat space for holding a limited amount of gear and sleep alongside it. 

Cons to Sleeping in a Jeep Cherokee

  1. Not Much Room For Two – Though the Jeep Cherokee can safely fit an average person, even when laying full-length, it cannot comfortably fit two. More than one person will find the space very cramped. 
  2. Safety Concerns – Although a Jeep Cherokee can boast great all-weather driving capabilities, it can still be a safety risk to sleep in one’s car. For one thing, you may be isolated from help in case of emergencies, and even a Jeep Cherokee will need extra gear to keep you healthy in extreme outdoor temperatures.

How to Prepare For Sleeping in a Jeep Cherokee

Now that you’ve weighed the above-mentioned pros and cons to this decision, perhaps you’ve come to the conclusion that you would like to sleep in your Jeep Cherokee after all. This can be a great adventure, but you don’t want it diminished by a lack of comfort or safety. 

To prevent that outcome, we’ve got a few tips for preparing to sleep in a Jeep Cherokee. Check them out below:

  • Be Prepared – Check the weather and the local wildlife of the place you’re planning on parking in to sleep. Bears, wolves, cougars, and even vermin like rats can pose a threat to the safety of you and your gear if you’re not prepared for their curiosity. 
  • Keep Friends Informed – Even if you’re hoping to get some alone time on a trip, always make sure someone knows where you’ll be parking and how long you plan to stay there. This way, if any emergency occurs, someone will be able to track down your last known location and check on you!
  • Pack the Correct Gear – For comfort and safety, we recommend a minimum of a foam rollup pad to sleep on, a sleeping bag, a first aid kit, and a pillow. More than this will depend upon your storage space, but other good things to bring are toiletries and a light, as well as a knife or a cooler to safely store food. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Even with all the pros and cons to sleeping in a Jeep Cherokee and our tips on the best way to go on this adventure, it is more than likely that you’ve still got some questions before you set out for the drive. Don’t worry; we have the answers in our FAQ section below!

Can you sleep in a Jeep Cherokee XJ?

It is possible to sleep in a Jeep Cherokee XJ comfortably as long as you are an individual who is under six feet in height, and you don’t plan on sharing the space with a second or third passenger. The truth is, although the Jeep Cherokee XJ has many great features, it’s interior space is limited. 
The key to comfort is bringing a foam mattress pad and considering the option of removing one of the passenger seats. Still, those on the taller side will find it nearly impossible to lay out in a comfortable position.

How long can a Jeep Cherokee XJ Last?

It is all well and good to think of sleeping in your Jeep Cherokee XJ, but if it becomes a more permanent living scenario, it is only natural to worry about how long it will hold up. The most recent Jeep Cherokee, the XJ, can reach 200,000 miles or more than one decade before becoming unusable. 

What is the best year of Cherokee XJ?

When considering making your Cherokee jeep a companion for the whole night, or several nights, you may wonder whether or not the vehicle is up to mechanical standards for the long haul! The truth is, the best year of the Cherokee XJ model is widely believed to be the 1996 model. 

In Conclusion

To sum it all up, sleeping in a Jeep Cherokee is more than doable; it can actually be comfortable no matter why you need to spend the night in a vehicle! Make sure to take the pros, such as the mobility and low cost, as well as the cons, in mind. Remember that those taller than 6 feet or sharing the space will be cramped, and sometimes removing a passenger seat is necessary.

If you do decide to sleep in a Jeep Cherokee, we recommend the 1996 model for longevity, and packing the correct sleeping gear for maximum comfort. A rollout foam pad and a thermal sleeping bag are particularly good ideas! With these, you’re all set to enjoy a night sleeping in a Jeep Cherokee. 

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