Sport Mode Jeep Grand Cherokee

Sport Mode Jeep Grand Cherokee – A closer look at its performance and benefits

Sometimes, you simply have a need for speed. The jeep is a popular choice for all-terrain driving and fast acceleration, thanks in no small part to something called sport mode. If you’ve never heard of it, you’re in for a treat! Let’s go over the ins and outs of sport mode in this automobile!

Sport mode is a mode which allows the vehicle to manage traction through a specific system. This system allows the understeer and oversteer to be more balanced for the operational use of the driver. Ultimately, sport mode will increase the speed of acceleration.  

As we continue, we will go over all the aspects of Jeep Grand Cherokee sport mode, including how it works, how to engage and disengage it during operation, and some answers to the internet’s questions, most often asked, on this very same subject. Let’s get right into it!

What is Sport Mode in Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Sport mode is technically a type of mode for jeep owners to accelerate more easily without losing steer handling. It offers an experience of more power and excitement, thrilling Jeep Grand Cherokee owners. However, there are many factors to consider which are associated with this mode, such as:

  1. The Appropriate Times For Sport Mode
  2. How Much Gas Sport Mode Uses Up
  3. When to Avoid Using Sport Mode

Let’s take a closer look at all of the important factors to consider when using Sport Mode in Jeep Grand Cherokee!

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1.   The Appropriate Times For Sport Mode

Sport mode is a type of riding mode that is made to be easy and friendly for the rider and operator. The main thing noticeable by drivers when using sport mode is the air suspension of the vehicle and the optimal steering handling, which can make you feel flexible as you direct the car. 

This is best used in an open highway without hairpin turns and with a great straightaway opened up for speed. In fact, this is what sport mode is made for in this Jeep. However, it can still be used in just about any scenario, but it may be more dangerous to try off-road. 

2.   How Much Gas Sport Mode Uses Up

Jeep Grand Cherokee Gas Type

Sport mode users have often noticed that their car guzzles much more fuel when sport mode is engaged. This makes sense, since the engine would require more fuel to emphasize speed without spending as much energy on traction in sport mode. 

With this in mind, it may be important to use sport mode more sparingly in order to save on gas prices, especially given the lack of traction and higher risk of using it!

3.   When to Avoid Using Sport Mode

As awesome as sport mode feels when engaging it and driving, there are some circumstances which sport mode should be avoided in. For example, if a car is travelling on rough terrain, this is not the best time to switch over to less traction and higher speeds. 

A snowy landscape is the perfect example of a terrible time to use sport mode on this vehicle. Snow provides a surface that is already slippery, an effect which can be compounded by recently-frozen snowmelt or ice in general. 

The best-case scenario if sport mode is engaged on the road is that, without any traction, the Jeep Grand Cherokee won’t be able to move forward much at all. The worst is that the Jeep Grand Cherokee will already be approaching snow at the high speeds of the mode, and without traction, a deadly wreck could ensue. 

This is especially likely given the braking and cornering that sport mode handicaps. Instead, use the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s snow mode.

How Jeep Grand Cherokee Sport Mode Works

The way that Jeep Grand Cherokee’s sport mode works is by managing the traction in the vehicle while balancing the steering, both over and under, to give the driver the feeling of floating through the road at greater speeds and heights of power. 

This is done by focusing all of the speed on the rear of the vehicle through air suspension, offering 0 to 100 km per hour in under 5.5 seconds! To activate sport mode, simply start the vehicle first, then use the mode switch on the control panel to the right of the central console to switch down to the “SPORT” selection. 

Sport mode is capable of being activated mid-drive, too. However, it is not necessarily recommended that a driver do this because while a vehicle is in motion, the suspension will wind up shifting in a way that could be dangerous or at the very least harmful to the integrity of your jeep’s equipment. 

The best way to use Jeep Grand Cherokee Sport Mode is to come to a complete stop and switch modes before moving on. 


Service Shifter Jeep Cherokee

This model of vehicle has many incredible features and modes beyond the sport mode, and therefore it is totally natural to have more questions on this subject! In the interest of answering those questions, we’ve prepared the list of FAQ’s below:

Does sport mode make your car faster?

Technically, yes, the main point of the sport mode is to at least make it feel like your car is moving faster. In reality, it is not the overall vehicle speed that is increasing; your car an still reach the same speed threshold it did in it’s regular mode. What is changing, rather, is the car’s response time. 

Sport mode creates a faster throttle response and tighter steering. It definitely makes the driver feel as though their car has woken up and is reacting with lightning speed!

Is sport mode better for engine?

No, technically, the sport mode in a Jeep Grand Cherokee is only meant to be used in short bursts because long amounts of use cause the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s engine to become strained. 

Is sport mode for the highway?

Yes, the main use for sport mode is wide open roads and long stretches in the same direction, such as highways. Anything that requires maneuvering is going to suffer from sport mode’s lack of traction. 

In Conclusion

To sum it all up, Sport mode in Jeep Grand Cherokee driving is meant to offer more power and higher reaction times so that the driver can feel the speed of the throttle! It works best on open highways and should be activated after the jeep is already stopped due to the suspension shifts it causes.

It is a great way to feel light as a feather in your Jeep Grand Cherokee!

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