What Wheels Interchange with Grand Jeep Cherokee?

Looking for an SUV that offers luxury while maintaining its form as an everyday vehicle?  The Grand Jeep Cherokee is the ride for you! With a balance of prestige and luxury, you’re bound to have a vehicle that you can make the most of.

Jeep fanatics these days are very enthusiastic about the customization of their jeeps. The most popular modifications made are to the wheels. Interested in finding out what wheels interchange with Grand Jeep Cherokee wheels? We’ve got you covered! This article covers all you need to know about interchanging the Jeep’s wheels, how to do it, and all the great options available!

What Wheels Interchange with Grand Jeep Cherokee?

Lucky for you, there are a myriad of options available to you for the interchanging of your wheels. You’re probably wondering why one should interchange wheels at all. Not only do they give your jeep a different look for each occasion, but it might sometimes also be cheaper than getting a new set of wheels!

Interchanging wheels is not a must, but getting new wheels from scratch when you can utilize them from a different model may be a hefty burden on your wallet. We won’t let that happen, so we’ve rounded up all the best options available for a replacement set of wheels for your SUV.

The greatest choice you can interchange your wheels with is the Wrangler JK Wheel. The Grand Jeep Cherokee utilizes a bolt pattern of 5×5”, which is employed by a number of other vehicles. You’ll find these wheels often being used as aftermarket off-road wheels. While the Wrangler JK may be the top choice, here is a list of wheels further that can integrate well.

  • Wrangler Wheels
  • Jeep Liberty
  • Wagoneer
  • Dodge Charger
  • Jeep Commander XK

1. Wrangler Wheels:

Wrangler wheels are the most versatile wheels on the market. They can deal with on and off-road usage, so they’re very sturdy against whatever you throw at them.

In addition to their versatile usage, Wrangler wheels are also durable. They’ll be your companion for many miles. With their sturdy traction and tight grip, you can take your vehicle out even if the road is wet or icy!

2. Jeep Liberty:

The Jeep Liberty wheels may be a good option for interchanging and can fulfill many driving needs. If you’re a driver that values a balance of comfort, stability, and traction, the Liberty Touring LX tire may be the choice for you. Once you fit them on, they’ll do an excellent job and last you a good time.

3. Wagoneer:

The Wagoneer wheel is an option that you shouldn’t miss out on if prioritizing style is in your books. With specifications that rival the Grand Jeep Cherokee, this is a great option for drivers that value aesthetic appeal in conjunction with good performance. The Wagoneer has a couple of options based on the model you have, so make sure you find a compatible model before switching the wheels!

4. Dodge Charger:

The Dodge Charger is a beefy wheel that is a sure fit for your Jeep! Given the sturdiness of this wheel, off-roading and cruising around town are definitely options that are on the table. This is one set of wheels that can conquer anything if you put them on your SUV. Desert safari or a ride through the snow? Dodge Chargers are the wheels for you!

5. Jeep Commander XK:

The Jeep Commander XK is a middle-sized SUV that is a similar build to your Grand Jeep Cherokee. The wheel offset models may vary, so make sure to check which is compatible with your SUV before making an investment. Don’t fret too much while making the purchase, because this is a good set of wheels that will last long term.

How Do You Change Your Wheels?

Changing your Grand Jeep Cherokee’s wheels is not a difficult process. To remove the wheels, loosen the lug nuts which keep the wheel intact in its place. The loosened lug nuts will make it easier to extract the wheel from the hand.

To install new wheels, line the wheels with the holes of the lug nuts. Once the holes are aligned, screw the lug nuts back on with a torque wrench. You can use any of the options stated above as an interchangeable wheel and screw it in place. Your SUV is now available for the ride!

If you’re more incentivized to follow visual instructions, here’s a video tutorial that shows the process from start to finish.


We hope that clears up your queries. If you’re looking for what wheels interchange with the Grand Jeep Cherokee, the list we’ve rounded up will be a perfect fit! Before making any purchase, however, you should measure the depth of your tire and the number of lug nuts so you don’t end up getting a mismatched wheel from a different model.

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Do Cherokee Wheels Fit on a Grand Cherokee?

A regular Cherokee’s wheel will not be compatible with your Grand Cherokee, so it’s futile to keep it as a spare for your Jeep. This is due to the fact that the Cherokee’s bolt pattern only goes up to 98 while the Grand Cherokee’s goes up to 99.
This means that there is no point in keeping a Cherokee wheel for your Grand Jeep Cherokee because they simply will not fit.

Can you Interchange Ford Wheels with Grand Jeep Cherokee wheels?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. This is due to the differences in bolt sizes.
The Ford’s bolt pattern is six lug nuts and is arranged in a rectangular shape. The most used is the F-150 which has a size of 135mm, whereas the Grand Jeep Cherokee has a bolt pattern of five lug nuts in a circular formation. The most used bolt pattern is 115mm, which is a stark difference from the Ford.
This means that there is no point in keeping a Cherokee wheel for your Grand Jeep Cherokee because they simply will not fit.

Can I Use Wheels From Other Jeep Models on My Grand Jeep Cherokee?

It depends on your car’s model and year and the Jeep model from which you want to use the wheels. Note that most Jeep models have varying bolt patterns, so using their wheels for your Grand Cherokee may be difficult. 

Can I Use Aftermarket Wheels on My Grand Jeep Cherokee? 

Absolutely. You can use aftermarket wheels on your Grand Jeep Cherokee as long as they have a matching bolt pattern, are offset and are the correct fit for your vehicle. 

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