Who Sings the Jeep Renegade Commercial? Discovering the Artist Behind the Iconic Tune

When it comes to memorable advertising, the Jeep Renegade commercial holds a special place. Not only does it showcase the sheer ruggedness and durability of the vehicle, but it also underscores the spirit of freedom and adventure that Jeep represents. 

Among the elements contributing to the commercial’s allure is an enchanting soundtrack, and a rhythmic backdrop that harmoniously merges with the visual storytelling, making the advertisement resonate with audiences long after viewing. 

The catchy tune has piqued the curiosity of viewers globally, leading to the frequently asked question – who sings the Jeep Renegade commercial? This article will take a deep dive to reveal the artist behind this captivating song and explore their contribution to this successful commercial.

Overview of Jeep Renegade Commercial

The Jeep Renegade commercial is a fantastic blend of creative storytelling, stunning visuals, and captivating audio. Its unique appeal lies in the combination of these elements, providing viewers with more than just a product display—it offers an experience.

  • Concept: The commercial encapsulates the spirit of freedom and exploration synonymous with the Jeep brand. It narrates the story of off-roading adventure seekers who are not afraid to conquer uncharted territories.
  • Visuals: The aesthetics of the commercial are raw and realistic. They offer stunning landscapes, rough terrains, and the sturdy Jeep Renegade powering through them all, signifying the vehicle’s ability to navigate diverse landscapes with ease.
  • Soundtrack: The song in the commercial serves as the perfect accompaniment to the visuals. It’s upbeat rhythm and inspiring lyrics enhance the commercial’s theme of adventure and freedom, making it a memorable experience for the viewers.
  • Stand Out Factor: What sets this commercial apart is the harmonious blend of the Jeep spirit encapsulated in powerful visuals and the impactful soundtrack. It doesn’t merely sell a vehicle—it sells an experience, a lifestyle.

The combination of these elements, especially the song, leaves an indelible impression on the viewer, leading many to ask: “Who sings the Jeep Renegade commercial?” The following sections will reveal this intriguing information.

The Spotlight on the Artists: Who Sings The Jeep Renegade Commercial?

The booming beats and captivating vocals that drive the Jeep Renegade commercial come from the versatile talent of Astralwerks Records breakout artist, Halsey, and her hit single ‘Bad at Love.’ The “Release Your Renegade” campaign also shines a light on emerging talents Molly Kate Kestner (Atlantic Records), Uri Grey, and Chloe Nixon.


Grammy-nominated and multi-platinum artist, Halsey, is no stranger to the music scene. Known for her alternative pop style, she boasts over 2 billion streams worldwide and her second album, “Hopeless Fountain Kingdom,” reached the #1 spot on the Billboard Top 200. Halsey’s new single “Bad at Love” is featured in the main Jeep Renegade commercial.

Molly Kate Kestner 

A young talent from Austin, Minnesota, Kestner gained attention with her original song “His Daughter,” which amassed 7 million YouTube views within weeks. Now signed to Atlantic Records, she introduces her empowering anthem “Compromise” as part of the Jeep campaign.

Uri Grey 

An American singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor, Grey brings a unique mix of folk, jazz, and pop to her music. Her self-love-inspired song “Blend Out” is showcased in one of the campaign’s videos.

Chloe Nixon

A rising star at just 14 years old, Nixon’s first single “Free Fall” is creating ripples in the music world. Her fresh and diverse sound is featured in the campaign with her song “Feel Like Me.” Nixon, with her soulful expression of self-discovery, love, and social justice, offers a unique resonance to the campaign, embodying the spirit of a true renegade.

The Song: Lyrics, Genre, and Reception

The heartbeat of the Jeep Renegade commercial lies within Halsey’s “Bad at Love,” an alternative pop anthem that carries a potent message.

  • Genre: “Bad at Love” is an alternative pop track with Halsey’s signature style of strong vocals layered over dynamic beats. It perfectly blends the rebellious spirit of rock with the catchy appeal of pop.
  • Lyrics: The lyrics express the struggles of a restless heart navigating the complexities of love. The candid storytelling paints a relatable picture, striking a chord with many listeners. The song’s thematic relevance to the commercial is uncanny, symbolizing the renegade spirit.
  • Reception: Since its release, “Bad at Love” has been well received by critics and fans alike, praised for its raw lyrical content and Halsey’s powerful performance. It effectively mirrors the emotions of freedom and rebellion intrinsic to the Jeep brand.

Impact of the Song on the Jeep Renegade Brand

The use of “Bad at Love” in the Jeep Renegade commercial represents a successful fusion of music and branding.

Here’s how the song has enhanced the Jeep Renegade’s brand image:

  • Enhanced Brand Appeal: The incorporation of Halsey’s hit song has attracted a wider, younger demographic to the Jeep brand. By associating with a popular and influential artist, the Jeep Renegade becomes more relevant and appealing to the younger generation.
  • Brand Identity: The song’s themes of independence and freedom align seamlessly with the adventurous and rugged image of the Jeep brand. This alignment strengthens the Jeep Renegade’s brand identity as a vehicle for those who embody the renegade spirit.
  • Sales Impact: While it’s hard to quantify directly, the use of popular music in commercials often leads to increased brand awareness and interest, which can ultimately result in boosted sales.
  • Brand Association: Now, whenever “Bad at Love” is heard, it may bring the Jeep Renegade to mind, creating a powerful association that continues to promote the brand outside of the commercial itself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does Jeep choose the songs for their commercials?

Jeep carefully selects songs for its commercials that align with its brand values of freedom, adventure, and authenticity. They often choose tracks from artists whose spirit embodies these same qualities.

Who directed the Jeep Renegade commercial?

Cut-off in September 2021, the specific director of the Jeep Renegade commercial featuring Halsey’s song was not publicly disclosed. You may want to research the most updated information.

Are there other versions of the Jeep Renegade commercial with different songs?

Yes, Jeep has a history of using different songs for different versions of their commercials, including the Renegade. They typically select music that aligns with their brand’s adventurous spirit.

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